Event: National Bando Women’s Camp (June 13 – 16)


The National Bando Women’s Camp provides an opportunity for women who are interested in Bando to train in a rigorous, supportive environment and develop/deepen camaraderie with other women who train in Bando.  All experience levels are welcome, and daughters who attend with their mothers may attend at a significantly reduced price.

The agenda for the event includes Short stick training, Eagle System training, Elbow techniques and Triangle Form, as well as Min Zin and yoga sessions.  Grandmaster Dr. Gyi has been invited as a guest instructor and will be staying with us at the 1834 House in Athens, Ohio along with Mrs Pat Gyi.

Camp schedule:

  • Thursday, June 13:  Check-in and camp set-up at 2pm; yoga that evening is 6:30 – 8pm
  • Friday, June 14th and Saturday June 15th:  Training 8am – 6pm; plus evening fellowship events
  • Sunday, June 15th:  Training and camp breakdown 8am – 1pm

The location of the Women’s Camp is the 1834 House (3290 Mineral Rd, New Marshfield, OH) , a beautiful estate with 77 acres of property for training, hiking, and enjoying nature.

Registration for the National Bando Women’s camp includes all instruction and meals (Thursday evening through Sunday morning).  Registration for ABA members is $150 if pre-registering by June 1st; after June 1st the fee for ABA members to attend the event is $175.  Participants also have the option to stay in a room at the training site (The 1834 House) or to camp on-site at a very affordable price.

For more information, contact camp directors Cheryl Cesta (CherylCesta@gmail.com), Mary Ouellette-Mester (bando.eagle@yahoo.com), or Debby Kirkman (sayama@earthairwater.org).  If you are interested in applying for a Work-grant scholarship please contact Debby Kirkman.

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