Weiza System

The term ”Weiza” may be viewed as “Wizard”.  Historically, one of the practices of Weiza was linked to the study of Alchemy.  The general public view of alchemy is associated with transmutation of metal into gold, but also transmutation from sickness to health leading to life’s longevity.

The Weiza martial system is derived from the ancient city-states of Bo-Shan, Wei-Shan, Lo-Shan, and Dali.  These city-states are in the present Yunnan Province in southwestern China bordering Tibet and Myanmar [Burma].

In ancient times, these regions were not a part of China.  Many diverse people with diverse cultures, speaking diverse languages live there.  They live on high ridges of the vast Himalayan mountain range that spreads into Tibet, Myanmar, and China.

Before the introduction of Buddhism, there were once Animists, believing in all kinds and forms of “Spirits”. Weizas, in the ancient societies may be called Shamans.  Shamans act as mediums between the visible world of this earth and the invisible worlds of the spirits of upper and lower regions.

In ancient times, Weizas dealt with three major defensive systems against major destructive forces: 1] physical attacks, 2] psychic attacks, and 3] verbal attacks.  Also, there are three defense systems against physical attacks: 1] Dhoe Lan, 2] Dhot Lan, and 3] Dha Lan.


Weiza Systems


[Bo-Shan, Wei-Shan, Lo-Shan, Dali, etc.]

Dhoe Lan Dhot Lan Dha Lan
[Empty Hand] [Stick Hand] [Sword Hand]
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Weiza Hand Weiza Wand Weiza Dha