Martial arts animal systems are uniquely different. Each system utilizes different weapons, targets, movements, logistics, and psychology. The Boar attacks large target areas with combination of power blows. For example, the Cobra would use the finesse of one knuckle as a major weapon; the Boar would use the crushing power of the elbow.

The Boar system is not as popular, nor is it as well known as the other animal systems in Bando, such as the Black Panther or Cobra. Further, the Boar animal has been called the most astonishing object to ever disgrace nature and although the Boar practitioner may not be aesthetically pleasing or fluid in movement, his techniques are complex and he gets the job done.

The psychology of a Boar stylist is predicated on the principle that anything and everything that the opponent presents in battle is a target. These targets are attacked with a “controlled fury” unique to the Boar system.

The Boar will always move forward on an opponent even if the opponent is bigger. Why? …

1. It takes the opponent’s range away.
2. It takes the opponent’s balance away.
3. It takes away the weapons of the opponent.
4. It allows for the close range weapons of the boar to be utilized.
5. It allows for countering.
6. It allows the Boar stylist to stay in his safety zone while the opponent is in the danger zone.

Each animal system in Bando utilizes major natural weapons that make up a portion of an offensive strategy. The Boar offensive weapons include punches, elbow strikes, knees, sweeps, kicks, and head-butts. The Boar stylist is primarily a close range fighter. Therefore, he will use knees, elbows, and head-butting to crush and destroy anything that becomes a target in a close range fight.