Dhot or stick based systems include impact and control weapons in nine or more lengths and a variety of combat and non-combat functional uses:

  1. Long Sticks:
    • Pole Arms – These are very long staff weapons that may have blades, hooks, points, paddles or other attachments on them. They are typically taller than one can reach, about 8 to 12 feet long.
    • Long Staff – These are flexible or semi-rigid staffs that range from about 5 feet to 8 feet in length.
    • Walking Staff – Hiking or carrying sticks range from about 4 feet to 5 feet.


  1. Medium Sticks:
    • Medium Stick – These are about 2 – 3 feet. Rigid police batons are axe handle length and rely on mass for impact, while flexible wands are thinner and rely on speed to create impact energy.
    • Canes – Canes have hooked ends and come in 3 foot lengths for walking and 5 – 7 foot long farmer’s or Sheppard’s canes for managing and protecting herds of animals.
    • Sticks – These are arm length weapons as are used in Escrima and Arnis, about 2-3 feet long.


  1. Short Sticks:
    • Clubs and War Hammers – These are short sticks about 1-2 feet long; primarily held at one end. They may or may not be weighted or have hard impact points.
    • Pocket Sticks – Fist sticks are held in one hand with protrusions at each end that may or may not have cord attached to them. They are about 6” to 8”. Larger than the width of a fist and about as long as the span between out stretched thumb and little finger.
    • Spikes and Slivers – These are shorter and thinner than pocket sticks and are used for puncturing.