ABA Presidents

Every organization, regardless of size, location or corporate structure, must have leaders who perform tasks aimed at developing the organization's vision and implementing the policies and procedures that allow that vision to be accomplished.  The chief executive of the organization is the President. The President is accountable to the board of Directors, the membership and to themselves.

IN 1968, with the help of Dr. Marc Lewis, Joe Manley, Lloyd Davis, Robert Maxwell, Dr. Robert Hill, Dr. Paul Kwan, and others, the American Bando Association [ABA] was officially established.  The ABA has become one of the longest ongoing private, non-profit organizations in the United States.  It is the only Martial Arts organization that honors the veterans of the China-Burma-India Theater of WWII.

For the past 50 years, the American Bando Association has been successfully governed due to the numerous volunteers willing to contribute their time and energy in helping Mahasayaji Gyi in setting and implementing goals for the benefit of all the members.

The following members served as Chairman or President of the American Bando Association and we are extremely grateful for their contributions.

Dr. Maung Gyi
Dr. Marc Lewis
Dr. Robert Hill
Robert Maxwell
Dr. Paul Kwan
Jon Collins
Timothy Fleming
Edwin Lesho
Dr. Geoff Wilcher
R. Joe Manley
Michael Martin
Michael Decker
L. Randall Webb
Dr. Duvon Winborne
John McNeill
Mary Ouellette-Mester*
Deborah Kirkman
Jerry George

*The ABA is proud to be the first national martial arts organization to have a woman serve as President.

Sayamaji Mary Ouellette-Mester