The Tiger is an apex predator as well as a stealthy fighter. It is lean and powerful with quick cat reflexes. Its main weapons are its fangs, claws, and leaping ability to over power its prey. It is considered the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom. Of course, in the Bando animal systems the development of the weapon is the number one priority. Without development of these weapons, the tiger is simply a pussycat. The main targets are the eyes, the throat, and the groin with entries from the front, the side, and the back. The tiger system consists of simple locks, simple steps, and simple traps. The tiger practitioner must have great leaping ability to be able to spring on its opponent.

When studying the Tiger system, the practitioner will learn the following three points:

1. How to find the targets
2. How to get the targets
3. What weapons to use on the targets

Each animal system has its own matrix. Which consists of: (9 x 9), (6 x 6), and (3 x 3) matrices. The level of experience will dictate which matrix is used; high level, middle level, or low level. The matrix consists of: 1) Stances, 2) Steps, 3) Body Angles, 4) Blocks, 5) Strikes, 6) Kicks, 7) Falls or Rolls, 8) Grabs, and 9) Throws.

For the Bando practitioner, individual body composition plays a key role in determining which animal system that is best suited for the individual. For example, if you are 5’9” tall and weigh 235 pounds, you are more suited to the Bull system. Similarly, if you are 5’10” tall and weigh 165 pounds, you are more similar in composition to the Tiger. The Tiger is very strong, fast, flexible, and agile. A student of the Tiger system must be able to combine speed, agility, and power in order to feature the whole system. With this basic understanding of the animal system, the student can begin to train in the mannerisms of the Tiger.

In learning the Bando Tiger System, these categories are the key to developing not only the Tiger System, but also any animal Bando System. The Hanthawaddy Animal Systems of Bando are the only thing that differentiates Bando from other martial arts systems. That is why we are making a very strong effort to keep these beautiful systems alive.