Longyi is technically a sheet of cloth worn in Burma, similar to a sarong or lungi.

Longyi Yoga is a yoga system using a long rope to help develop:

  1. Mobility of the core of the body
  2. Flexibility of the limbs
  3. Structural balance

It is variously spelled longyi, longi and Longyi.  Basic postures consist of:

  1. 6 standing poses
  2. 6 sitting poses
  3. 6 lying poses

Hand and Foot Movement Requires:

  1. Coiling or wrapping the cloth or rope
  2. Sliding the cloth or rope
  3. Pulling the cloth or rope

Injuries and Pain:

Many martial arts practitioners suffer from muscle, joint and ligament problems resulting from overuse, misuse or abuse of their bodies from long hours of rigorous training, participating in numerous competitive events and/or from accidents.

Health Benefit:

Coiling, sliding and pulling the rope during yogic practice stretches, adjusts and aligns the body and limbs and provides structural mobility and flexibility of the core. These movements also stimulate and massage the hands and feet, removing toxins, and facilitate circulation, allowing proper flow of prana [chi, ki, gha] in the body.