2014 ABA Weapons Camp

The 2014 Weapons Camp will be held on October 17th – 19th and we will be celebrating 50+ years of Bando in America.  The camp will be open to all brown-belts and above and will include training in the Hanthawaddy Bando systems of Dhot and Dha, as well as, the Kukri of the 10th Burma Gurkha Rifles.  You can get more information, including registration and waiver forms, by clicking here.  For ABA members who register before July 30th, the camp is FREE!

We strongly encourage all ABA members who are planning to attend the Weapons Camp to attend the 2014 ABA Summer Camp.  Our focus at the summer camp will be honing our skills in Dhot and Dha applications and kukri drill sets in preparation for the Weapons Camp.  A detailed agenda for the Summer Camp is forthcoming.