Veterans in the ABA

On Veterans Day, every year, we pay special tribute to America’s 25 Million living military veterans. We honor them for exemplifying the true character of the American Spirit- personal courage, love of country and devotion to duty. We thank them for sacrificing their personal aspirations and safety to procure and protect the freedoms of this great nation.

In the Bando Family, we have several men and women members (and past members) who served, or are presently serving in the Military. The ABA would like to extend a special thank you to these individuals and wish them all the best in the coming years.  

Dr. Maung Gyi
Wakeel Abdullah
James Angell
Mark Bjishkian
Paul Braddock
Branden Brooks
Andrea Brooks
Justin Brown
Charles Brubaker
Derrick Carter
Greg Cochran
Lloyd Davis
Stephen Denty
Buzz Evans
Alain Feschet
Mike Hoefler
Jennifer Johnson
Charles King III
Sharon Kirk
Bryan Kuhre

Jerome Lauderdale
Stanton Lipson
Joe Manley
Michael Martin
Robert Maxwell
Ronald Lee Orem
Michael Pipo Jr.
Frank Reynolds
Will Riddick
Gustavo Santa
Bomani Sekou
Stefan Sherman
Joseph Singleton
Martin Smith
Alvis Tinnin
Bernie Tomaszewski
Keith Trundy
Russell Wood
Errol Younger

Note-If you are a Veteran and a "full" member of the American Bando Association and do not see your name listed above please contact the ABA secretary for inclusion.


"Kaphar Hunne Ghanda Marnu Ramro" - "It is better to be dead than live a life of a coward".

- The Code of Conduct of the Bando Discipline