ABA Mission Statement


The American Bando Association is a Private Non-profit WWII Veterans Memorial Martial Arts Organization. It was formally established in 1966 at the American University of Washington, DC. With the guidance of U Ba Than Gyi, [Director of Physical Education and Athletics, Ministry of Education, Union of Burma] the following Mission Statement was established:

  1. The American Bando Association will be a private, non-profit Veterans Memorial Martial Arts Organization to honor the veterans who fought and died in the Burma-China-India [CBI] Theatre of World War II in the Burma Campaign.
  2. The American Bando Association will attempt to promote cross culteral exchange and understanding of different Asian martial arts systems practiced in the United States.

  3. The American Bando Association will attempt to preserve and promote the Hanthawaddy System of Bando in the United States. [Hanthawaddy was once considered to be the Norther and Central regionof Burma].

The ABA does not support any kind of war. It does not glorify war. It does not condone acts or cruelty, brutality or savagery of any war. However, in recognition of their extraordinary courage and sacrifices, the ABA pays special tribute to both the Allied and Axis troops who fought and died in the China-Burma-India Theater of WWII.


"Kaphar Hunne Ghanda Marnu Ramro" - "It is better to be dead than live a life of a coward".

- The Code of Conduct of the Bando Discipline