Hanthawaddy Yoga Workshop

14 September 2012 2:00 pm - 16 September 2012 2:00 pm

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Smokerise Ranch

Hanthawaddy Yoga Workshop

Hanthawaddy Yoga Workshop

The seminar will start on September 14th at 2pm and finish at 2pm on September 16th

At Smokerise Ranch in Glouster, Ohio.

$75 for ABA members and $100 for non ABA members. 

Hanthawaddy Yoga has a unique pattern of breath combined with the specific motion of the body as it flows from posture to posture. This yoga system is an important part of the Bando system and was instructed by Dr. Maung Gyi to a few practitioners from 1978 into the 1990's, and this workshop is being presented with Dr. Gyi's blessings. Practicing yoga forms like Hanthawaddy generates so much internal energy that the mind needs time to recognize and process these currents.
Attached is a registration form, info on items to bring, info on Smoke Rise Ranch, and the seminar schedule. You will need to print the document, fill it out by hand, and mail it to me (Dave Martin) with the address provided.   

Feel free to contact me (240-321-8890) if you have any questions about the event.
For more information on hanthawaddy see http://deepcreeklakeyoga.com/index.html



Friday, September 14th

         12:00 pm       Registration

   2:00 pm       Opening; greetings; objectives; agenda

   2:30 pm        Explanation of the Khogan system using 4’ and 6’ Dhanda to

set zones in some of the standing Hanthawaddy postures;                          explanation of how to breathe through postures

   5:00 pm       Light vegetarian meal

                6:30 pm       Seated Longi; seated Hanthawaddy; core breath work and

Min Zin meditation           

               9:00 pm     Retire for the evening.

Saturday, September 15th

             8:00 am         Short Dhanda meditation walk or spirit of communion form

             8:30 am      Light Breakfast
             9:00 am         Seated longi and Dhanda transitioning into seated


           11:30 am       Discussion and review

           12:00 am       Break; snacks

             1:00 pm         Partner stretches; more Hanthawaddy postures

             3:30 pm         Putting the learned Hanthawaddy postures into the

            Hanthawaddy series

             4:30 pm         Spirit of communion form

             5:30 pm         Light vegetarian meal

            7:00 pm         Letha yoga and/or Min Zin meditation

             9:00 pm         Retire for the evening.

Sunday, September 16th

             7:15 am         Light Breakfast

             8:00 am         Short Dhanda meditation walk or spirit of communion form

             8:30 am       Hanthawaddy series

             9:30 am       Review; posture variations

             12:00 pm       Summary and question answering

             1;00 pm       Closing of camp (participants are requested to assist with

cleaning and breakdown of camp setup)

Seminar    |   @ Smokerise Ranch


"Kaphar Hunne Ghanda Marnu Ramro" - "It is better to be dead than live a life of a coward".

- The Code of Conduct of the Bando Discipline