Assembled for Training
Early morning training camp about to begin.
Bando Patch
The Bando Blood Patch worn by all Full Members.
Finding Peace
Trying to find a bit of inner piece during his promotion test.
Animal Systems
Scorpion blow to the head. Read the More Photos
Saya Ethan Minor delivering a powerful front kick.
Animal Systems
Cobra strike to the eyes. Read the More Photos
Animal Systems
The EAGLE sights his prey.
Summer Camp
Summer Camp - Strouds Run State Park 2008
Dho Training
Long Staff drills
GA Kukhri Drill team. Read the More Photos
Animal Systems
Animal Masters Open Ceremony 2011.
GA Kukhri drill team sheaths their swords. Read the More Photos
Flags Set
Our colors fly high.
Animal Systems
Python System role call.
Promotional Testing
Kukhri Demonstrations at Summer Camp.
Animal Systems
Panther training in the trees. Read the More Photos
Taking time to remember the fallen soldiers of the world.
Down time
Dr Gyi in Washington DC over Memorial Day. Read the More Photos
Physical Fitness
Physical fitness test during level promotions.
Animal Masters Camp
Tiger System roll call at Animal Masters Camp 2011.

The Gurkha Kukri - Part 2
A fighting man's fighting knife

By Chuck Karwan

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"Kaphar Hunne Ghanda Marnu Ramro" - "It is better to be dead than live a life of a coward".

- The Code of Conduct of the Bando Discipline